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UTD Mathematical Sciences REU

Pioneer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU): As a result of a unique partnership between the UT Dallas Mathematical Sciences Department and Pioneer Natural Resources, this research program with its prestigious fellowship is available to undergraduate juniors and seniors who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents.


The National Science Foundation maintains a list of Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Sites in the Mathematical Sciences.

Beyond Academia

Beyond Academia is a student-run organization with the goal of empowering graduate students and post-docs to expand their careers beyond the traditional academic track.


We thank Professor Mac Hyman (Tulane University and Former Group Leader, Mathematical Modeling and Analysis Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory) for allowing us to share the following advice.

There are a wide range of corporations and institutions that employ applied mathematicians and computational scientists. If you are interested in applying for a summer internship, then check out some of the following links and be sure to note the application deadlines.

Once you have identified a program that interests you, then the application is just the first step to getting a position. These are very competitive programs and you greatly increase your chances if you have a supporter employed at the institution where you are interested in doing your internship.

I recommend that you identify individuals at the institution for the program with which you are interested in working. You can do this by using the library search engine to look for recent papers published on specific topics (use the keyword option) and published at a specific institution (limit your search to authors at the institution in which you are interested). Mark and download the abstracts of the papers that interest you.

After reading through the list of abstracts, then download the papers that interest you. If you are still interested after reading the papers, then send the author a personal email (based on reading their papers) to say that you have applied for a summer internship at their institution. Attach your CV and application to the email and if they would be willing to consider working with you during the summer if you are accepted into the program.

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