Mathematical Sciences

School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics


Our faculty are engaged in a wide range of research in mathematics and statistics. Our research has interdisciplinary applications to problems in bio-medicine, engineering, and the sciences. 

The following broad research areas are represented in the department.

  • Actuarial Science
  • Algebraic and Complex Geometry
  • Analysis and its Applications
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biostatistics
  • Control Theory and Optimization
  • Dynamical Systems and Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Geometry
  • Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Topology


Faculty Member Research Interests Link
Akbar, Mohammad General theory of relativity, differential geometry, quantum gravity, Ricci flow. akbar-mohammad
Ammann, Larry P. Robust multivariate statistical methods, signal processing, statistical computing, applied probability, remote sensing. Ammann
Arnold, Maxim Asymptotic dynamics of large ensembles of particles, switching Hamiltonian systems, fluid dynamics. MaximArnold
Arreche, Carlos Differential Algebraic Geometry, Symbolic Computation, Algebraic Theory of Differential and Difference Equations, Galois Theories.
Balanov, Zalman I. Nonlinear analysis (equivariant degree), dynamical systems with symmetries (bifurcation theory), mathematical theory of hysteresis, non-associative algebras. ZalmanBalanov
Biswas, Swati Biostatistics, Statistical Genetics, Genetic Epidemiology, Cancer Genetics, Risk Prediction Models, Bayesian Clinical Trials. SwatiBiswas
Cao, Yan Medical image analysis, computational anatomy, computer vision, pattern theory, shape analysis and shape models. YanCao
Chen, Min Genome wide association studies; eQTL mapping; Network based modeling; Next generation sequencing data analysis; Statistical preprocessing of genomic data; Cancer genetics/epigenetics; Integrative/meta analysis; Spatial modeling; Model selection; Ranked set sampling. ChenMin
Chiou, Sy Han Survival analysis, semiparametrics statistics, biostatistics, statistical computing, applications to Neurology, Public Health, and the Environment.
Choudhary, Pankaj Biostatistical inference, Statistical methodology, Method comparison studies. PankajChoudhary
Coskunuzer, Baris Minimal Surfaces, Geometric Topology. Baris Coskunuzer
Dabkowski, Mieczyslaw K. Knot invariants and 3-manifold invariants, applications of topology to biology, recursion theory. MieczyslawDabkowski
Dragovic, Vladimir Integrable Dynamical Systems with applications to Classical and Statistical Mechanics., Algebraic Geometry, Differential Geometry, Analysis on Riemann Surfaces, Extremal Polynomials, Isomonodromy Deformations, Painleve and Schlesinger Equations. Vladimir Dragovic
Efromovich, Sam Information theory, optimization, probability, statistical inference, nonparametric curve estimation, time series analysis. SamEfromovich
Gel, Yulia Time series analysis, spatio-temporal processes, regularization for weakly dependent data, high-dimensional inference, statistical inference for random graphs and networks, nonparametrics, bootstrap and resampling. Applications of statistics to environmental modeling, epidemiology, finance and legal studies. Yulia Gel
Hooshyar, M. Ali Scattering theory, inverse scattering theory with geophysical and optical applications, fission. hooshyar
Krawcewicz, Wieslaw Z Topological methods in nonlinear analysis, symmetric differential equations and bifurcation problems. WieslawKrawcewicz
Li, Qiwei Bayesian methodologies, nonparametric Bayes, variable selection, spatial statistics, shape analysis, high-dimensional data modeling, count data Qiwei Li
Lou, Yifei Compressive sensing and its applications, Image analysis (medical imaging, hyperspectral, imaging through turbulence), numerical analysis and optimization algorithms. YifelLou
Makarenkov, Oleg Nonsmooth dynamical systems, Moreau’s sweeping processes, dispersing billiards, switching closed-loop control: oscillations, stability, bifurcations, regularization. Non-monotone population models. OlegMakarenkov
McKeown, Stephen Conformal differential geometry, interactions with physics (e.g. the AdS/CFT correspondence), geometric elliptic PDEs with multiple singularities. Stephen McKeown
Minkoff, Susan Scientific computing with primary emphasis to date on numerical modeling for geoscience problems (seismic imaging and wave propagation, reservoir simulation, and mechanical deformation modeling). Mathematics and numerical simulation to model the “real-world” as closely as possible given limitations in physics, mathematics, and computer science. Broad interests include not only earth science, but almost all physical, chemical and biological problems that can benefit from the skills and insights of an applied mathematician. SusanMinkoff
Ohsawa, Tomoki Applications of differential geometry to problems in physics and engineering, particularly those problems described as Hamiltonian dynamical systems in a broad sense. They include semiclassical and quantum dynamics, nonholonomic dynamics, and optimal control theory. TomokiOshawa
Pereira, Felipe Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of multiphase flows in porous media at the field, laboratory, and pore scales; Uncertainty quantification methods for applications related to CO2 storage, oil recovery, and contaminant transport; Pore network construction algorithms; Numerical methods for partial differential equations; High performance, parallel, scientific computing. FelipePereira
Rachinskiy, Dmitry Dynamical systems and systems with hysteresis, nonlinear analysis, applied mathematical modeling DmitryRachinskiy
Ramakrishna, Viswanath Control, optimization, computation, applications in material and molecular sciences. Ramakrishna
Shin, Sunyoung Statistical learning, High dimensional data analysis, Variable selection, Semiparametric models, Survival data analysis, Statistical genomics, Bioinformatics, Big data integration, Epigenomics, Sequencing data analysis
Tang, Chuan-Fa Order-restricted inference, empirical processes, empirical likelihood, survival analysis, mathematical statistics, image processing, kernel smoothing, model selection Chuan-Fa Tang
Tran, Anh Quantum Topology and Knot Theory. I am particularly interested in the Jones polynomial, skein modules, character varieties, the A-polynomial, the Alexander polynomial, and left-orderability of fundamental groups. AnhTran
Turi, Janos Functional differential equations, integral equations, approximation theory, optimal control theory, numerical analysis, applied functional analysis. JanosTuri
Van Ness, John Robust linear models, statistical classification, multivariate analysis, applications of statistics to the physical and medical sciences. /
Williams, Nathan Algebraic combinatorics arising within reflection groups, geometric group theory, and representation theory. Nathan Williams
Zweck, John Nonlinear waves; Scientific Computing; Modeling, analysis, and simulation of engineering systems; Applications of differential geometry. John Zweck